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8928Re: Cleveland, "Chuk" team

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  • Erik
    Feb 1, 2000
      MoreyH@... wrote:
      > From: MoreyH@...
      > Actually Marc, that's not necessary the case.
      > We're all familiar with SMG, the bastards that almost
      > forced the Pens out of business and are wrecking havoc with the Isles/Nassau Colisseum.
      > SMG is led by Ed Snider, who also happens to own the Philadelphia Flyers.

      According to a conversation I had with a former president of the Pens,
      Snider is no longer involved directly with SMG.

      During the Pens bankruptcy hearings, SMG did put in a bid for the team.
      Had Snider still been a part of the organization, this would have been
      impossible, since he also owns the Flyers.

      Erik Johnson
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