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8916Re: Cleveland, "Chuk" team

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  • Marc Foster
    Feb 1, 2000
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      RFK wrote:
      > From: "RFK" <RFK@...>
      > Don't forget Dennis Sobchuk, a big star in the WHA.
      > How come the NHL decided to move into Columbus, and not the Gund Arena in
      > Cleveland?

      The Gunds own the arena and the Cavaliers. They also own the Sharks, and
      can't own two teams. Thus, an NHL team in Cleveland would have to be
      owned by someone else, and I doubt the Gunds would want a NHL team not
      in their control playing in their arena. The Lumberjacks aren't the
      economic threat to the Cavs that an NHL team would be.

      Of course, they could always move the Seals, I mean, Sharks, back to


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