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6026Re: Re: Stats Headings in French

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  • John H. Gamez
    Nov 21, 1999
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      As far as Spanish hockey terms, I am quite limited.I have read and heard a
      few terms:
      Hockey = Hoqui (pronounced as "oh KEY")
      Ice Hockey = Hoqui sobre hielo
      Roller Hockey = hoqui de ruedas (lit. hockey on wheels)
      Field Hockey = hoqui sobre zacate (lit. hockey on grass)
      Roller Skates = patines
      Ice Skates = patines de cuchilla (lit. skates with blades)
      Goalie = portero (same as soccer, other positions are probably similarly
      Puck = Puque (pronounced "pook")
      Stick = I have heard "Estique" (this was used in a Mexican "Novela" (their
      soap opera) where a character in the story played a Mexican hockey player)
      and "baston" (I heard this at a San Antonio hockey game. The term was used
      by tourists from Mexico attending their first game. A "baston" literally is
      a cane, walking stick, or stick).
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