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6022Re: Stats Headings in French

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  • Alexandre L. Giesbrecht
    Nov 21 2:31 AM
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      "Jogada de poder", which would be the term in Portuguese, sound VEEERY
      strange. It would be easier to do the same thing the italians do: just say
      something like "to have a numerica advantage" or something like that.

      I'm currently developing a hockey site exclusively in Portuguese, and I'm
      having trouble with some hockey terms, but I manage to make some "detours".
      I called "power play" "vantagem num�rica" and so on. I still didn't have to
      translate "shorthand" or "penalty kill".

      Funny thing is that "p�nalti" is the penalty shot, because that's the term
      in soccer. For "penalty" I used "puni��o" (or "punishment"), which exists
      in Portuguese, but sound kinda old.

      In another mailing list I take part (NHL Brazil), we usually insert English
      words in the middle of the Portuguese phrases: "Os Penguins marcaram um gol
      em power play, por isso o goleiro do Avalanche n�o conseguiu o shutout".
      That is also another word I'm having trouble translating: shutout. There is
      absolutely no word like that in Portuguese. Maybe "jogo sem tomar gols"
      ("game with no goals against")?

      Alex Giesbrecht
      S�o Paulo, Brazil

      At 11:55 21/11/1999 -0700, you wrote:
      >From: Frank TEX Liebmann <liebmann@...>
      >Por eso en los partes donde no hab�an jugado hockey, tienen que desarollar
      >su propio vocabulario.
      >Por ejemplo, en TV Azteca, est n usando "juego de poder" para "power
      >play". Pero en veinte a�os,
      >tal vez usan "ventaja numerico".
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