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54576Origins of hockey

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  • epenaltybox
    May 27, 2014

      In case you have been living under a rock, which means the United States when it comes to hockey, three of my good friends have just proven that hockey did not start in Canada, but was a European import.

      Two of the three met on this list.

      The book is called On The Origin Of Hockey, after one of the researchers discovered a letter from Charles Darwin to his son about playing ice hockey some 20 years prior to the famed game in Montreal's Victoria Rink.

      Of the three authors, I've known Patrick Houda for nearly 20 years.  He is the most knowledgeable hockey historian I have ever met, bar none.  Patrick was personally responsible for uncovering tens of thousands of entries of European stats in Total Hockey, and other databases, but he was open-minded enough to be an expert on this side of the (frozen) pond as well.

      I've known Jean-Patrice Martel for at least 12 years.  J. P. was originally interested in compiling hockey in pop culture references, but as he became more involved in research and the arguments pro and con, he jumped in to help Patrick and Carl Giden strengthen their arguments for the combative Canadian crowd.

      Both Patrick and J.P. were longtime posters on this forum.  Both eventually joined SIHR.

      I met Dr. Giden online through Patrick four years ago.  Although we've swapped several emails, I do not know Carl as well as I know Patrick and J.P.  But as a medical doctor, Carl is quite familiar with the scientific method.  Patrick has knowledge that has few peers, and as the former President of SIHR, J.P. has a handle for what constitutes credibility.

      Wishing all three men the best of success, and those lurkers on this list an opportunity to get the true origins of the greatest game on Earth.


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