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  • Stacey
    Nov 1, 1999
      well,if they're your pictures,or you (with permission)
      borrowed them,you could email him and tell him that
      he's in violation of copywrite laws. and I'm not sure
      how,but isnt there some way you can copywrite page
      layouts? I've seen them all over on-line. slap up a
      copywrite symbol with your name and the date..it's not
      official,but sometimes it makes people think..

      --- "WPGJETS.COM" <Winnipeg1@...> wrote:
      > From: "WPGJETS.COM" <Winnipeg1@...>
      > The pictures on my site were either scanned by me or
      > taken off ebay.
      > I have created a separate page for each player using
      > info from scotts book
      > (as he already knows), your site (as you already
      > know), media guides, and
      > asking this list. etc. He thinks I am stealing his
      > player info and
      > pictures. I've noticed that I have a few pictures
      > that he has because we
      > are using the same sources to scan the pics (game
      > programs), he seems to
      > jump to conclusions when he sees someone else has a
      > picture like his. either
      > that or he thinks he's the only one that has these
      > pictures. He is also
      > harassing webmasters of other Jets sites.
      > My site: http://www.wpgjets.com
      > His site: http://www.jetsarchive.com
      > My site has also been up one year longer than his
      > has so its more like he is
      > using my ideas etc.

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