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    Nov 1, 1999
      The pictures on my site were either scanned by me or taken off ebay.

      I have created a separate page for each player using info from scotts book
      (as he already knows), your site (as you already know), media guides, and
      asking this list. etc. He thinks I am stealing his player info and
      pictures. I've noticed that I have a few pictures that he has because we
      are using the same sources to scan the pics (game programs), he seems to
      jump to conclusions when he sees someone else has a picture like his. either
      that or he thinks he's the only one that has these pictures. He is also
      harassing webmasters of other Jets sites.

      My site: http://www.wpgjets.com

      His site: http://www.jetsarchive.com

      My site has also been up one year longer than his has so its more like he is
      using my ideas etc.

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      From: Ralph Slate <slater@...>
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      Date: Sunday, October 31, 1999 10:13 PM
      Subject: Re: [hockhist] Angry

      >From: "Ralph Slate" <slater@...>
      >> I am so angry!!! There is a new Jets webpage out that started copying
      >> my idea of jets history! he does the exact same things as me! then
      >> the webmaster emailed me today saying that I am stealing his
      >> pictures!! just because I am using the same pictures as him! even
      >> though i scanned them myself! and he told me I have no right to make
      >> a jets WHA history part just because I wasnt alive during that time!!
      >> his exact words: "stick to the Jets you know, not some team you >read
      >> about in some books you have......." can you belive that?
      >> Sorry for this post but I had to let off some steam! this guy thinks
      >> he owns the rights to the team or something. >
      >What is your page, and what is his page? Where did you get the
      >photos from? Perhaps they are actually his photos?
      >People are both pretty scummy and supid. They think they aren't
      >doing anything wrong because they think if it's on the internet, it can
      >be copied.
      >I've had a few sites that took the logos from my site and made their
      >own "Logo archive" site. And they never think they're doing anything
      >wrong because they say it's all "public domain".
      >Logos, Stats, Cards, and Standings at the
      >Internet Hockey Database: http://www.hockeydb.com
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