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53972Re: KHL challenge for the Stanley Cup

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  • William Underwood
    Jul 13, 2011
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      The worst email actually impugned Marc Savard who Campbell called a little
      faker" who does Savard play for.some team that has a "B" on their
      sweater.granted before his son played with him.So sorry Morey your smoking
      gun is about as effective evidence as the moment when OJ tried on the glove!
      :-) Or maybe as kosher as ham and egg sandwich mixed with some shell fish
      and served with a milk shake. :-) As some know a summer passion of mine is
      Aussie Rules footy. EACH week we have the SAME sort of droning by the
      commentators about tribunals. "Will that get him any matches." "It shouldn't
      his head didn't bounce off of the ground which seems to be what they use
      now." "Yeah well I guess is if that is what they go by." Laughter "Well it
      seems to be." That is close to a transcript form this weeks
      Western/Melbourne tilt. Colin Campbell does not work for the AFL.they us e a
      TRIBUNAL. A few weeks back a big issue was the interpretation of the play
      on rule. Sound familiar

      I know A LOT of guys in the NHL and nary a ONE has EVER hinted that he feels
      Campbell is biased! These same guys DO criticize decisions and one almost
      got in trouble for doing it publicly with a reporter when asked about it.
      And no it was not Campbell's integrity it was simply the NORMAL issue of " I
      don't think eh deserved it" that we see ALL of the time and EVERYWHERE! Some
      critiques the man's decisions but no one ever questioned his character and
      these guys question everything.

      And let me ask have the BRUINS had any suspensions of late?

      Paille sits 4 in Feb.

      Marchand sits 2 in Mar.

      Now have Bruin opponents avoided suspension...we have "the bite" which MANY
      screamed blood for.I was not one of them but MANY did..did Burrows sit?
      Nope. How many games did Rome sit? The same number as Paille did for a blind
      hit. In fact the calls for that were ALL 2-4 games this year. The length
      seems largely to happen for was there an injury? One would THINK if "the
      fix" was in, Burrows a key scorer for Vancouver would have sat 4.I presume
      he is Campbells long lost cousin? So exactly where is the inequity? Was Rome
      a great stand out for Vancouver? Are teams clamoring."you know what we need
      to win a cup is that Aaron \Rome.why we may give him a 6 million dollar
      offer sheet"? Nor do I know anyone in the game who felt he should not have

      One can argue Chara should have sat but I hear that debate time and time
      again. Sorry gang but I don't see all of the evil others do.The players were
      close together and just off of a contested puck.Rome in contrast skated
      several feet into the man.Charas arms were at his side and were not lifted
      to the head, the head injury was from hitting the divider.Rome moved his
      arms and his body upward on the hit. Now had that divider not been hit.well
      Lucic made similar hit right near the divider on Tyrell who was not hurt and
      hesis not even get called by the ref for it! Sure Chara could have sat a
      game or two. But then again I can also see the argument for what he got. a
      major and game and that is all. I just don't see the same issues as Rome.
      They were coming off of a contested play and were right with each other
      almost tied up. Is a hit all that unthinkable? No. I think Chara meant to
      hit him but not into the glass. The other guy made a HIGH hit, his arms were
      up his body went up at a guy who was several feet away and hand distributed
      the puck at that point. Now had he kept his arm down I may give him some
      wriggle room or had they been closer together. They were not. Add on this is
      PRECISELY the type of hit that cost us Crosby and others have been hurt by.
      It was the TEXT book concussion hit. How many times do we see guys have
      their heads go into dividers? How many injuries have there been that way
      this year? Morey I GREW UP a Hab fan but do I think I would have sat Chara?
      I doubt it. I wanted to see the Canucks win the Cup but would I have sat
      Rome? YES. And just to make sure that we are all clear I am not on an NHL
      payroll, have bashed Bettman more times than Carter has liver pills and no
      Bruin is a blood relation or even one by marriage or blood brotherhood. I
      saw a junior kid go into a divider this year and he hurt his hip badly.no
      call was made for it (nor should there have been) and even him and his dad
      didn't whine about it. Crap happens. And remember this was Montreal, in
      Nashville odds are all it makes is somebody's "big hit" video. Montreal fans
      are passionate and bit biased and folks like to weigh in, for the Habs of
      course.had Subban made the hit I doubt we see the same reaction.

      I still see no smoking gun.no terrible den of corruption. I see human
      judgment and controversy. I can see an argument for Chara to sit and I see a
      counter argument.for Rome I see a counter too as I have said before but it
      is weaker one. And in the context of other suspensions and non suspensions
      and the fact that if Colin just wanted to get sonny boy a Cup he would have
      screamed for Burrows to sit.I see no smoking gun. Add on Morey, did ANYONRE
      REALLY think that losing Rome cost the Canucks the Cup? Did anyone at the
      time say."ugh oh they lost perennial "Norris Trophy candidate" Aaron Rome,
      they are going to blow their series lead!". Again if anyone wanted to really
      screw Vancouver they would have had "Count Dracula" sitting for "the
      bite".Your argument is circumstantial AT BEST and where does that get a
      conviction.not even in the NHL or its fans which is why we see no "Campbell
      gate" raging on in Parliament nor did fans turn off the NHL after the

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