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53964Re: KHL challenge for the Stanley Cup

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  • William Underwood
    Jul 9 10:17 AM
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      Slight issue.Campbell has always removed himself form suspensions involving
      his sons team.there goes the smoking gun! Morey, pro hockey is sport where
      we have a lot of brothers and fathers and sons etc, we deal with it ALL of
      the time and the decorum is that when your son is involved you BACK out of
      the room..literally! I have SEEN it at work. When as a scouting staff we
      talk about a guys son, he LEAVES and often we are even asked "don't draft
      him". Pedigree has a legit role in evaluation but at the same time I see it
      at the higher levels, you back out when the son is involved. In this sport
      there is a fair chance that your son will follow in your foot steps or you
      have a brother, nephew etc playing so we have dealt with it FOR YEARS. You
      can't ask guys to quit because their son has succeeded or ask a son to not
      play or to not let the son into the league if eh deserves it. So we do the
      best that we can.you butt out. Sorry but there was no "fix in" for this
      year's Cup just a MORBID melt down..no new book to title "Six Men Offside".
      :-) No Black Sox.just a new version of the 64 Phillies blowing a pennant

      Your book was good. But at the same time my point is that if inconsistencies
      etc in other sports don't; ruin their credibility so why should NHL issues
      ruin its credibility? Why should they be special? You are actually the one
      that if anything is saying "Nazi genocide is bad and says bad stuff about
      them but Turkish genocide does not say the same of them." And talking
      genocide is a bit extreme when it is more like a more simple issue, the
      concepts of justice and law which indeed it is a matter of as these concepts
      are not just things that governments deal with, any organization has them to
      some degree.rules and how they are enforced..

      Indeed there are inconsistencies, but that is because justice is a
      SUBJECTIVE process and MUST be. And that goers for the NHL right through the
      Supreme Court. We just saw a woman walk this week who may well have
      murdered her child in cold blood or at the very least wasted millions of
      dollars of court time because she lied but will walk scott free. She is at
      worst a murderer at best a pathological little lair who didn't won up to an
      accident and save us the trouble in the first place then tried to blame it
      all on everything from her dad to the price of wheat for it happening. Now
      some other schmo will do real time for a good deal less. Does it destroy our
      justice system? How many murderers have walked because they are CELEBRITY
      murderers? On the other hand if we see celebrities also taken to trial for
      ridiculously small amounts of evidence for a local yokel DA to seem
      big.remember Kobe Bryant's alleged rape case which held about as much water
      as the Titanic did after it hit the ice berg?

      N\HL justice is imperfect but so is ANY system. Do we want a system where
      each case is "the same"? NO! Manslaughter is not premeditated homicide and
      there are even degrees of that. Shop lifting is not grand theft or armed
      robbery. And even subsidiary to this each case is different. Did somebody
      mired ran old lady for ten bucks or did someone murder a person who was
      abusing them? Was it a crime of passion or a crime of greed or hate? The
      legal system makes these distinctions EVERY day but does it lose
      credibility? Do we say."no lets do like the Mid East, a guy steals something
      he loses a hand no matter what.if he needed food or if he just did it to
      steal money doesn't matter, he stole so off with the hand."? We have degrees
      of guilt. What sort of system does not have them? Hockey's biggest issue is
      that among North American sports it will always have the most such issues of
      ANY sport due its very nature, we playa fast game, where there is hitting
      and a piece of lumber involved. Simply out there are more cases to compare
      than most sports. There are sports abroad who have a lot of Tribunals such
      as the AFL in Australia and is there complete consistency or a list of what
      you get for what? No. Is it perfect? No. But it survives. The judge took
      himself off of the bench for this episode of law and order. And did he win
      the Cup for Boston anyway? No. If anyone who was not a Bruin contributed to
      it lets say it was Luongo (who gets the Brian Boucher Award for Not So
      Clutch Goaltending in the Finals) , the Sedins (joint winners of the
      Hartless Trophy."when the going got rough we were behind it.by 25 feet"
      both in this series and when Suter and Weber were also "mean to them") and
      the Fickle Finger of Fate that put Hamhuis and Samuelsson out. Which
      incidentally if Krejci was to have sat for it I would have said, envelope
      please.ONE game..

      Sorry but this was no fix ands it wasn't even a complete Bruin win.they won
      as much because the Canucks did NOT deserve it as they did because they
      deserved it. And we saw the symptoms early. This bunch had all the killer
      instinct as a hair dressing convention and the few and proud who broke that
      pattern were so beaten up from carrying the entire load of clutch play by
      the time that they got to the final the tank was on empty. The Bruins were a
      direct opposite, the ONE thing I will NEVER accuse this team of is a lack of
      guts and the guts went top to bottom.

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