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53955Re: [hockhist] Re: KHL challenge for the Stanley Cup

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  • Craig Wallace
    Jul 3, 2011
      Hear hear.......
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      Justice in the NHL?

      Do you believe there really is such a thing?

      When a player purposely jumps another player from behind, lands violently on
      top of him, breaking his neck and thus ending his career, yet the aggressor
      is only suspended a handful of games...do you really believe any form of
      justice was served?

      Justice exists to protect " little guys" from big boy abuse. Such a concept
      does not exist in the NHL.

      I'll never forget when Barry Cummins of the California Seals was pummelled,
      hacked, speared, and left beaten and bloodied like a rented mule by several
      Flyers because Cummins' stick had clipped Bobby Clarke in the forehead,
      opening a cut that required six stitches.

      The NHL did nothing to the Flyers players who unmercifully beat Cummins. The
      beating shook Cummins to the core and he was never the same player again.

      Justice in the NHL? What does that mean?

      --Dave Soutter

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      Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2011 18:34:56
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      Subject: [hockhist] Re: KHL challenge for the Stanley Cup

      No arguement with anything you wrote Bill - it probably summed it up very

      Just one rhetorical question for all of us: How well do you think we govern
      justice and are you happy with it?

      Because if you answer yes, then Bill's answer is why, and the interpreted
      result of the masses becomes one of apathy.

      If you answer no, then the interpreted result by the masses is one of



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