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  • Lloyd Davis
    Apr 1, 2011
      Felt a sense of deja vu.

      Morey responded to the same question in September 2001. I quote:

      > 1. He had to replace Rogie Vachon in L.A.
      > 2. Never had to worry about things called "rebounds" in Boston (with
      > Park et al) and Houston (with Popiel, very underrated defenseman),
      > but had to in L.A.
      > 3. Was outplayed by Mario Lessard
      > 4. Never left his feet. Moved from side to side, and didn't cover
      > the posts too particularly well. Not good if you give up rebounds.

      From Bill Underwood in August 2000:

      > And I don't think that Grahame elevated the Houston team, it was
      > vice versa!
      > Clear evidence -- other Houston goalies did the EXACT same thing! It
      > was
      > Smokey McLeod NOT Grahame who swept Chicago in the '74 final
      > allowing a
      > paltry 9 goals! The next year, the Aeros dominated the Nordiques. They
      > had a 5-0 lead early in the second of game one, game 2 was close on
      > the
      > board but it seems like the hot hand in net was Brodeur as they
      > outshot them
      > 47-26! Game 3 was a tight goalie duel. Game 4, Houston
      > took a 4-0 lead by the half way point! Plus, Rutledge, a career NHL
      > journeyman only played 8 less games than Grahame and their comparative
      > GAA -- Grahame 3.03, Rutledge 3.23! Flash forward to 1976, the rise
      > of the
      > Jets... Grahame had 24 goals blasted by him! The difference, the
      > Aero team
      > simply couldn't match the Jets and Grahame made ABSOLUTELY NO
      > Unlike Parent, who at least made games close against a superior
      > Montreal team
      > in his day, Grahame was no help here! His backup actuallty had a
      > better GAA
      > (which can be decieving I concede)!
      > I do know a lot of people that played in the WHA, including some ex
      > Aero
      > people. The name Grahame never really came up. The Howes, you bet;
      > Ruskowski
      > for sure; Tonelli too! Once his son began to come up, his name was
      > mentioned
      > some as a good WHA goalie. But never talked about like say a
      > Cheevers as a
      > great goalie!

      From Morey, in the same thread:

      > Only when Grahame got to L.A. and he didn't
      > realize you were supposed to cover both posts in L.A. because the
      > defense did not how to clear rebounds did he stink out the joint.

      Also from Bill, in the same thread:

      > Grahame was an AVERAGE NHL netminder.
      > Putting him in Parent's class is simply revisionist history!
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