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53554Re: NY-Penn Major Hockey League

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  • William Underwood
    Feb 5, 2011
      I remember hearing a little bit about it as I was in my teens in that era.
      Junior hockey in the US was in its infancy. A few leagues sprang up but no
      one really had much direction. They had an impulse to be like major junior
      but not the talent or money. Some looked at it as an NCAA feeder. But they
      overall lacked clout. I can tell you that there was no real relationship
      with the NHL aside form getting to use team names like we have the Little
      Flyers and Junior Flyers out here and had the Junior Rangers. In that era
      unless you were form the top hockey hot beds there was no real direction for
      kids you really had no clue what to do. Upstate New York was starting to
      develop kids but had not really existent system other than kids playing
      across the border. And you also had operators as you still do today who
      figure "you don't have to really pay guys so it is a cheaper investment that
      minor pro" ignoring that it is also a tougher sell in most of the US. Wish I
      could help more.

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