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53333Re: [hockhist] Re:George Laraque, Left Wing

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  • Lloyd Davis
    Aug 2, 2010
      And then there's Senator Jim Bunning (R-Ky.), who's a walking
      advertisement for the advisability of major league pitchers wearing
      helmets, because he's clearly taken one too many line drives off the
      old bean.

      On 2-Aug-10, at 11:55 AM, William Underwood wrote:

      > Yep this gains them credibility! Let's see a guy with no political
      > experience who I don't think went to college at all who's career has
      > been in
      > the business of smashing faces is the Deputy Leader.maybe the Flat
      > Earth
      > Party will grab Tie Domi and make it a lively debate! :-) Reminds me
      > of
      > Python."and three votes for the Silly Party." :-) This was a good
      > laugh when
      > I saw this! Oh well maybe if we had more guys like Georges, no
      > experience
      > and good pair of dukes we might see politics clean up a little.What
      > do we
      > say to Chris Nilan becoming the Democratic (hey he is form Mass)
      > Whip (gives
      > a new meaning to the term doesn't it) and maybe Jack Carlson to be the
      > Republican Whip.I can just see the debate on the floor b(where
      > someone would
      > land)."of yeah ,!@#$ you"."no !@#$ you".."wanna go"."sure I'll
      > go".."let's
      > go." They could come in handy for confirmation hearings and
      > investigations.
      > if you don't co operate or lie they send their goon over the
      > table.One thing
      > is for sure more folks would follow politics (taking notes Gary
      > Bettman) a,
      > even I might watch those long sessions of Congress on TV now and
      > again.I'm
      > sure that George is a nice guy and is not dumb but can we really say
      > he is
      > gulp "overqualified"? Now had he actually served some time or at
      > least had
      > run for something it would be different but we only see that he has
      > been a
      > party worker.kind of a big jump to that high isn't it? Red Kelly
      > was in
      > Parliament but he was not that high up on the food chain.
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