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53331Re:George Laraque, Left Wing

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  • William Underwood
    Aug 2, 2010
      Yep this gains them credibility! Let's see a guy with no political
      experience who I don't think went to college at all who's career has been in
      the business of smashing faces is the Deputy Leader.maybe the Flat Earth
      Party will grab Tie Domi and make it a lively debate! :-) Reminds me of
      Python."and three votes for the Silly Party." :-) This was a good laugh when
      I saw this! Oh well maybe if we had more guys like Georges, no experience
      and good pair of dukes we might see politics clean up a little.What do we
      say to Chris Nilan becoming the Democratic (hey he is form Mass) Whip (gives
      a new meaning to the term doesn't it) and maybe Jack Carlson to be the
      Republican Whip.I can just see the debate on the floor b(where someone would
      land)."of yeah ,!@#$ you"."no !@#$ you".."wanna go"."sure I'll go".."let's
      go." They could come in handy for confirmation hearings and investigations.
      if you don't co operate or lie they send their goon over the table.One thing
      is for sure more folks would follow politics (taking notes Gary Bettman) a,
      even I might watch those long sessions of Congress on TV now and again.I'm
      sure that George is a nice guy and is not dumb but can we really say he is
      gulp "overqualified"? Now had he actually served some time or at least had
      run for something it would be different but we only see that he has been a
      party worker.kind of a big jump to that high isn't it? Red Kelly was in
      Parliament but he was not that high up on the food chain.

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