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52825Re: Judge rejects both bids for Coyotes

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  • William Underwood
    Oct 1, 2009
      While I want to see Canada get more teams I have no issue with the judge's
      ruling. In the end it was about preserving a group's right to decide upon
      who can and can not join them and on what terms. That is an important right.
      There was no true discrimination here is was about league rules and
      territories and in a l honesty gang, when you buy a sports team that is
      precisely what you are buying. Sentimentally I stood with Hamilton but
      philosophically in this case the league was in the right. Of course it would
      be nice for them to allow outside folks to get involved in this process now
      via proper channels but that is another matter. For the issue of this case,
      as I have said many times, it was complex and of course it is not over in
      the sense of who will ultimately own this team and which creditors recover
      what.in the end he took the option that part of me thought he might of 'damn
      both of you, one of you is trying to circumvent rules to bull doze his way
      in and the other is saying screw you to a man who has lost millions, you
      deserve each other." Yes it is an NHL victory in reality but it had to be,
      this judge was not going to do anything to essentially undo the concept of
      territory for not only it and other sports leagues but ANY franchise based
      business. I will also be interested in seeing what Balisllie odes in the end
      after he is done licking the wounds if he does anything.

      Now we can finally worry about what really counts, the GAMES! And what
      better way to open than the Leafs and Habs.if tat tradition doesn't get a
      hockey fan thinking hockey nothing does!

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