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52686Re:Hamilton size and American culture

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  • William Underwood
    Sep 4, 2009
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      While playing the game on a team is not a prerequisite for a sport, it sure
      does help if you AT LEAST played it sandlot and I defy anyone to tell me
      that there is a SINGLE AMERICAN who never even played backyard football. Now
      yes pkaying doea notr mena watching as we see in soccer but it sure does

      Yes Mike the NHL went for the money with SC but at the time it was far from
      apparent that Sc had no major future.as far as today goes, simple put ESPN
      offered no money because they really did not wan the NHL and would have only
      given it limited slots. Plus cable is the only paying national TV deal that
      the NHL has.

      But I think that we both agree, hockey has been available to Americans but
      it puts their feet to sleep.

      As fart as lock outs go, other sports survive them WELL. Why? They actually
      have a following. Hockey actually is not bad off that way as what following
      that they do have is quite loyal. Now what they flirt with is if the lock
      outs alienate them. And there may be another coming, anyone notice the
      latest follies over at the NHLPA? "We knuckled under too easy the last
      time." HELLO, does anyone have an IQ above zero over there? Does anyone ugh
      REALLY think that the owners can loosen the system up? In fact it may need
      more tightening but the PA boobs JUST DON'T GET IT! Yes it was the owners
      and the "great lie" perpetrated by Bettman and co that made the mess.."we
      are doing great, SURE teams are worth a small king's ransom, you must BUY IN
      now, a multi trillion dollar US TV deal is going to happen, you wait and see
      if we can only get every US city that does not watch the game in it will
      HAPPEN." Players have big ears and can you expect them to believe you when
      you say "listen guys (quick nudge) we are lying between our teeth to find
      suckers to buy teams, it isn't true."And if you did not toss money out there
      the "big lie" would be gone.and this says nothing of the fact that the NHL
      is so attendance reliant for revenue that making the playoffs can be a
      matter of red or black.and that in many places the support is so soft that
      losing can mean a big empty barn! So they were stupid and the piper passes
      the bill.there is no biog time TV deal, franchise values have plummeted and
      now the players are still too stupid to get it! Costs have to come down and
      if the price is another season so be it for many owners. We may see another
      one unless an adult takes over at the NHLPA who can read the lesson in VERY
      simple terms because it has obviously not worked so far.

      Yes Hamilton itself is a smaller city but it is a short drive from
      Toronto.Green Bay is awful on the SMSA index too but it can make it. And in
      the world of hockey we can talk TV all that we want but in the end it is
      more or less impertinent and it is time that the league gets that through
      it's head.it is butts in seats that makes this game work plain and
      simple.many of those seats are expensive enough to but a mansion in much of
      the world but if folks buy them it is the only pertinent equation.

      The NHL will; never have a real windfall in the US.that will happen in
      Europe someday and please note how well they are handling that! There is a
      reason why there is a KHL.when you treat people like the settlers treated
      the native s when they bought Manhatten for 24 bucks, they tend to get
      angry! EUOPRE NOT THE US is not only a vital talent source but also in the
      long run the biggest hockey market in the world. Now it will take time for
      key economies to develop but does anyone really doubt that they will? the
      Czechs are becoming more of a part of the West every day and Russia, well
      with all of its resources and literate population it is inevitable to
      develop. Go ahead and laugh folks did the same thing about China 75 years
      ago and Japan 100 years ago. As it does you will have the world's largest
      hockey market become viable. But, talk about leadership, so far all Bettman
      has managed to do is to anger the Russians.not truly reach out to them.

      What the NHL needs is a guy who can lead and manage. Bettman is not much of
      a leader in the final analysis, he is an errand boy which is what the govs
      want. There were better men to hire.Dave Branch, Dave Andrews but they have
      committed the ultimate sin.they were born Canadian. And they have never
      dealt with US TV.and after all that is the most vital issue right? Like the
      guy who says "I don't need a job, I 'll buy lottery tix" the NHL can't get
      past its delusions.

      In the end Hamilton or Winnipeg or Quebec when they build new digs (if ever)
      all fit two important bills.one they have those butts in seats.which is THE
      vital math for the NHL. And given that cost control will always be a vital
      math, if the NHL is not affordable to them it will have problems
      elsewhere.as I said in an earlier post I have seen some packages for
      southern teams that remind me of what the Phantoms offered in Philly! We
      lack TV money and ALWAYS will so it goes back to the fan.and you have them
      in Canada! Two, as I said before, the NHL's worst nightmare is if loyal fans
      jump ship.there are not enough of us to lose any and there are not enough
      soft support folks to cushion the blow. Pissing off Canada makes no sense!
      Fighting to keep a team in a US market that is not working lacks sense in
      and of itself but when you basically stick the stiff middle finger at Canada
      it is even more stupid. Sure you want stability but stupidity can also be a
      stable condition and it can often be fatal.

      One facet of lack of US interest in the game has not been touched on.how
      many Canadian groups have come out of late with interest in teams? I can
      think of aside form Jimmy B and the other bid for Phoenix, there were about
      4 groups who have talked about TO including a Vancouver based outfit and one
      has talked Quebec City. So we talk a minimum of six from a country of 30
      million souls! What can the big bad US hockey mafia muster out of a
      population of some 30 million.THREE one of whom bailed! A Canadian syndicate
      had to come into Tampa too. As Americans we are known as folks who put our
      money where our mouth is, when it comes to hockey the silence is deafening
      and that speaks volumes of the NHL's place in the UJS and how despite
      billions having been spent and millions lost it still is in stuck neutral at
      the bottom of the hill it will never be able to climb while their answer to
      Nero fiddles in court to keep out and owner with money who wants a team in a
      market that will sell.

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