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52667Re: [hockhist] Why not Hamilton?

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  • Dylan Sides
    Sep 1, 2009
      You're missing the point a bit--the NHL ISN"T against putting a team in Hamilton--they just don't want what's his nuts--the Blackberry dude--to be the owner. Yeah they approved him for Pittsburgh, but then he immediately wanted to move that team to Hamilton and balked at the requirements for relocation the NHL imposed. Next he tried to but the Nashville Predators and even before he was approved for that sale--saying he wasn't going to move them, starting taking season ticket deposits for the team in Hamilton. With the Coyotes, he pushed Moyes to putting the team into bankruptcy to try and get around the NHL's relocation rules and circumvent the league--quite a way to piss the league off eh?

      If someone with enough cash came about and approached the league that they would like to either buy an expansion team for Hamilton or relocate a present team to Hamilton and was totally up-front and above board about it and went through all the proper established channels and followed all the rules--then Hamilton would most likely get its team. This dude, on the other hand, has his way lit by the bridges he's burned and won't be an NHL owner as long as the present owners and commisioner are still around and kicking--he's blown his NHL opportunity.


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      I am sure we are all aware of the ongoing saga of the NHL's seemingly

      desperate attempt to keep the Phoenix Coyotes from moving to Hamilton,

      Ontario. I admit I am biased here. I live in Hamilton, and while I don't

      follow the NHL (I do follow the "business of the NHL, as sports business

      in general has always interested me - I have no interest at all in their

      on ice product) I do think having a NHL team in the city would be good for

      it, and that the city would support the team. I don't think it is a "slam

      dunk" that a team in Hamilton would be a massive success as that city is

      more blue collar and doesn't have the corporate money there that Toronto

      does and there is no way you could charge the same for tickets in Hamilton

      that a Toronto does. But would it be more successful than Phoenix and many

      other US based teams - yes it would.

      Having said that why is the NHL so opposed to such a move? I have heard

      the arguments about Phoenix being a bigger market. That is true to an

      extent but perhaps not if you look at the whole greater Hamilton area.

      That Hamilton area has a huge population to draw from. Is Phoenix a bigger

      TV market? Yes, but the NHL's US TV ratings are so minimal that this

      shouldn't even factor in. Phoenix may be a bigger market but is anyone in

      the city (or even the rest of the country) watching the product? That

      answer is clear. On the other hand the NHL's ratings in Canada, and in

      particular Southern Ontario (including Hamilton) are huge. Now you can

      argue Hamilton won't increase the ratings as perhaps they can't go any

      higher. That may be true - but they won't hurt.

      I have heard Hamilton referred to as a "minor league city." "Minor league"

      compared to who or what? It is the 8th largest city in Canada, and the

      Canadian market is the NHL's most lucrative market. Would you refer to the

      8th largest city in the US as "Minor League?" You can only call Hamilton

      "minor league" if you use the same criteria for the equivalent US city.

      I have heard that US fans (the few that there are it seems) don't want to

      watch Canadian teams or don't know Canadian cities. Well the same argument

      can be made on this side of the border. I can relate to a Regina, Ottawa,

      Winnipeg, etc far more so than Omaha, Kansas City, etc. HNIC ratings

      collapse in the play-offs when there are no Canadian teams left. And

      again, the Canadian market is the NHL's most lucrative - why doesn't the

      NHL go all out to educate their fans about Canadian cities so US fans will

      want to watch them?

      The facts are clear - US sports fans have seen hockey (it has been on TV

      since 1960 or so) and most of them don't like it. Why can't the NHL see

      that and focus on the US areas that actually like the sport and Canada?

      Get teams out of Florida, Arizona, Nashville, etc and into Hamilton,

      Winnipeg, Quebec City, and maybe Saskatoon?


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