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52622Re: [hockhist] Re:NHL Doesn't Trust Jim Balsillie

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  • Michael Levin
    Aug 1, 2009
      Besides hating the *Balsillie* bid, Bettman hates the Coyotes ownership
      group. Further, he has defecated on the city of Glendale. The current bid
      that Bettman favors essentially only assumes the debt of the Coyotes and
      turns on the city of Glendale giving up more concessions to the Coyotes.

      As to the suggestion of starting a rival league of some sort (the ghost of
      the IHL?), any such effort must incorporate the international size rinks and
      rules. Using NHL rink sizes and NHL rules essentially creates a me too
      product. Why would consumers pay for that?

      As Michael Wilbon, columnist for the Washington Post and co-host of ESPN's
      PTI, notes, every city has die hard hockey fans. Unfortunately, all 18,000
      of them are at the arena. In other words, no television audience exist
      because the live product meets demand. Why would I switch to a league I have
      never heard of, and teams that I know nothing about unless you give me
      alternate product.

      Hockey that uses international rinks and rules posses a threat to the NHL.
      Anything less than that, and Bettman never loses sleep.

      On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 9:58 AM, Karkoski James <austin@...> wrote:

      > On 2009/08/01, at 2:05, William Underwood wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > What will be telling about Bettman is how the league reacts to other
      > > relocation bids.would Bettman fight like a tiger if it was say
      > > Edmonton
      > > trying to move to Vegas? We have not really seen such vehement
      > > opposition
      > > to that--witness Winnipeg and Quebec.Granted they had facility issue
      > > but
      > > Bettman seemed to do little to even try to overcome them.
      > >
      > Phoenix is all about an arena issue. The NHL gets the city of
      > Glendale to pitch in
      > and build an arena and then they are going to let the team move five
      > years after?
      > Somebody mentioned it awhile back on the list, the NHL did back the
      > drive which kept the Oilers in Edmonton in
      > when they let a large ownership group purchase the team at a
      > considerably lower price than the bid that was on the
      > table to move the team to Houston.
      > And I'd attack the weak middle.go to war head to head for
      > players ONLY against the weakest markets.
      > Start a rival league in the middle of a pretty deep recession?
      > James
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