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52620Re: NHL Doesn't Trust Jim Balsillie

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  • William Underwood
    Aug 1, 2009
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      Point by point James.

      There is more to it than the arena issue in Glendale.yes it is part of the
      problem but there is also a Camerone mentality (Foreign Legion battle where
      there was no surrender rand the last few remaining legionnaires fixed
      bayonets and charged a large Mexican force of course being killed in the
      doing) of "retreat.never".

      As for Edmonton, yes they did make an effort but a rather paltry one as
      compared to here. Of course there was an end game there so we never saw it
      go to the fullest extent. It comes back to the original question."how far
      would they have went?" Nobody ahs that answer but as there is even a
      perception that they might not because it is Canada is highly reflective of
      the image of the league in that country.

      Finally, as far as starting a new league in the middle of a recession.you
      normally would be right. Actually James in this case THERE IS NO BETTER
      TTIME! The recession doesn't hit hockey in Canada as it does the US as it is
      more of a priority item for sponsors and fans. Note that right now there
      have been aside from Balsilllie at least 4 groups whom have inquired about
      an NHL team for Toronto, a group who bid on Montreal talking Quebec, two
      other Canadian groups talking Phoenix one of whom wants to play some games
      in Saskatoon and Halifax.while we have what one group out of the US bid on
      Phoenix! Canadians with money are coming out of the wood work in search of
      teams and how many US investors does the NHL have seriously inquiring about
      a sick franchise? Not many. In the new NHL markets hockey is down on the
      totem pole a bit and when belts tighten it gets dumped.I submit they are
      ripe for an attack.

      When you hit an enemies weak point it is doubly effective if you catch him
      at a time of poor logistics. You create havoc. While your point is correct
      in many situations, having been in the business of promotion for twenty odd
      years and been through the new league thing time and time again ranging from
      the wildly successful to never got of the ground.I have seen it all and also
      learned that paradigms don have exceptions. This is one of them. You are
      talking about starting a product that is not a new one and is a revered one
      in a market with the express purpose of battle with a product that is weak
      in the target markets to attack in a weak economy. Now if we were talking
      introductory product in a new market your logic would be flawless and if the
      competitor was well entrenched in all markets like the NHL of say 25 years
      ago, it would be suicide. Remember in the 70's the NHL was not in a
      completely different scenario.weak franchise sin Oakland, KC, Atlanta et al
      and the economy was in an inflationary era in 72 then a recession as the oil
      crisis hit. The WHA made it through SEVEN years largely because the NHL had
      its own fiscal problems. I also submit that if done in conjunction with the
      Russians you are talking two oil producing nations going to bat together.
      Not only do you have a formidable ally who wants their own venture to
      succeed that is in so many word state subsidized, but also you have a
      natural differentiation. You are not just the NHL wanna be but you offer an
      international dimension. You have a Canada/Russia rivalry and the dual
      tailed nationalistic angle of Canada having its own league but also socking
      it to Gary. Quite frankly there may be no better time for it.

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