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52226Re: [hockhist] Re: Joe Daley, Penguins 1967-68

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  • Karkoski James
    Nov 5, 2008
      I started this thing about Daley with Pittsburgh in 67-68 when I
      noticed in the Mar. 16, 1968 issue of the The Hockey News (page 24)
      that a story by Lou Prato said that he played in the Mar. 2nd game
      against Oakland after Binkley got injured and that the summaries in
      the Mar.9 issue not only had Binkley in the lineup it also had his
      name in the shots on goal totals.

      Stu McMurray later sent me this information on the situation after he
      had the opportunity to look at the official game sheets in the NHL
      offices. I'll copy what he e-mailed me:

      According to the official sheets, Daley did not dress for the March
      2/68 game. Bassen was the back up and Binkley played.

      Daley dressed but did not play in the following games of the 1967-68

      March 6/68 at STL
      March 7/68 at MIN
      March 9/68 vs LAK
      March 13/68 at CHI

      Which answered any questions I had about Daley in this game.


      On 2008/11/02, at 19:19, nybos1974 wrote:

      > Joe Daley is listed in The Hockey News as being on the roster in the
      > March 24th game. For some reason they failed to give the goalie
      > stats in the recap - that's odd because the other games all list the
      > goalies and shots on goal so it was an oversight.
      > Jay in MIlford
      > --- In hockhist@yahoogroups.com, "Rob" <francz39@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I note that on the SlateOBase, Joe Daley is listed with one game
      > > played for the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1967-68, at least in the
      > > scoring totals. He does not show up in the goaltending totals, and
      > > the minutes for Hank Bassen and Les Binkley add up to the 4440
      > > expected for a 74 game season.
      > >
      > > I am wondering if he actually appeared for a few minutes in relief
      > > (otherwise uncredited in official stats), or if the 1 GP is an
      > > error.
      > >
      > > I saved the image of a scan of a 1967-68 North Stars at Penguins
      > > program that was listed on eBay last November. It isn't the center
      > > line-up page, but is the roster page. It has the players and
      > numbers
      > > listed. Daley is listed (sweater #30) along with Bassen; I am
      > > assuming that Binkley was hurt and Daley had been called up from
      > > Baltimore.
      > >
      > > Also listed on the Penguins roster is Wayne Hicks, who was traded
      > > from Philadelphia on February 27, so the only possibility for this
      > > game's date is March 24, 1968 (the Penguins' game #70 of 74).
      > >
      > > Just wondering if Joe Daley actually appeared in a game at about
      > this
      > > point in the season, or if he was just a zero hero in 1967-68.
      > >
      > > Rob in 905
      > >

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