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52219Re: Joe Daley, Penguins 1967-68

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  • epenaltybox
    Nov 4, 2008
      I went looking at The Sporting News, Tor Star and Winnipeg Free
      Press for you, and no goaltenders were listed for any of the games.

      However, in the Bridgeport Post, a photo of the game shows Maniago
      making a save for the North Stars and the story states that Les
      Binkley was the goaltender.

      On Mar 21, the Lebanon Daily News shows a photo of Daley playing for
      Baltimore at Hershey. Maybe he was called up as an emergency backup
      and sat on the bench...

      And on Nov 13 in the Uniontown Evening-Standard, the Penguins
      announced Joe Daley was called up from Baltimore to play in his
      first NHL game.

      Of course, one could always call him and ask: 204-783-8430.


      --- In hockhist@yahoogroups.com, "Rob" <francz39@...> wrote:
      > I note that on the SlateOBase, Joe Daley is listed with one game
      > played for the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1967-68, at least in the
      > scoring totals. He does not show up in the goaltending totals,
      > the minutes for Hank Bassen and Les Binkley add up to the 4440
      > expected for a 74 game season.
      > I am wondering if he actually appeared for a few minutes in relief
      > (otherwise uncredited in official stats), or if the 1 GP is an
      > error.
      > I saved the image of a scan of a 1967-68 North Stars at Penguins
      > program that was listed on eBay last November. It isn't the
      > line-up page, but is the roster page. It has the players and
      > listed. Daley is listed (sweater #30) along with Bassen; I am
      > assuming that Binkley was hurt and Daley had been called up from
      > Baltimore.
      > Also listed on the Penguins roster is Wayne Hicks, who was traded
      > from Philadelphia on February 27, so the only possibility for this
      > game's date is March 24, 1968 (the Penguins' game #70 of 74).
      > Just wondering if Joe Daley actually appeared in a game at about
      > point in the season, or if he was just a zero hero in 1967-68.
      > Rob in 905
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