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52196Re: Player Names on Jerseys

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  • epenaltybox
    Sep 7, 2008
      Anything is possible, but Manager Pete Muldoon wrote stories for the
      Oregonian (Portland's major paper) and wrote the articles with Uncle
      Sams in the story and in the byline.

      You can't use Canadian newspapers to reference American hockey teams
      (and vice versa) if you're looking for any degree of accuracy.


      --- In hockhist@yahoogroups.com, "howes_elbow" <maleestrus@...> wrote:
      > I find it curious that the official name of the first edition Portland
      > club was the "Uncle Sams". Every reference that I have seen including
      > Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary papers from as far back as 1916 refer
      > to the team as the Rosebuds. I also remember seeing a black and maroon
      > pennant from 1916 referring to the team as the Rosebuds. Is it
      > possible that "Uncle Sams" was a nickname from the local Portland
      > scribes that never caught on? Did the team have a legally recognized
      > nickname at all?
      > As for Victoria I thought their first season nickname was the Senators.
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