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52158odds and ends from Toronto

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  • mhdibiase
    Jul 1, 2008
      While I was there in Toronto, I heard some tidbits of information
      about some former players.

      Red Kelly told me that former teammate Johnny Wilson has cancer and
      is not responding well to chemo-therapy. Kelly told me that Wilson
      doesn't think too well of the medical facility he's being treated at.

      I was saddened to hear about Wilson. I interviewed Wilson last year
      and his insights and memories were magnificent. A first rate
      interview. I'm glad I spoke to him when I did.

      Interestingly, Kelly expressed concern about Gordie Howe's health.
      He told me that Howe didn't look good when he met him at game five
      of the Stanley Cup finals in Detroit. I tried to get more from Kelly
      about what was wrong with Howe but Kelly never elaborated.

      I remember seeing a shot of Howe during the game and he looked very
      grave and subdued.

      One wonders.

      Andy Bathgate told me during my interview with him that he saw Bobby
      Hull recently and that Hull seemed to be in ill health too but he's
      trying to fix himself up.

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