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  • William Underwood
    Jan 1, 2008
      Chantel my standards are simple.

      For players.you should be proven to be among the BEST players of your era.
      That is could you play in a league of the greats for your era and excel in
      it. And this carries over nom matter what the size of the league.of a modern
      player could not play in a modern 6 team NHL he has no place and add on if
      he would not star in it he has no place. I can say two things about players
      form the past.

      1-If we teleported them to today meaning AT BIRTH, those players would have
      been bigger, due to nutrition and simple evolution, they would have had
      modern training and equipment. Simply put they had a certain talent index
      and most of the difference you speak are less products of talent than the
      science of training of their day.

      2-A Hall can only elect players from the past not the future. Hence unless
      we purge it every few years and lose a sense of history we really can't help
      but to have players from previous eras.

      Plus your apples and oranges have a standardized link.the NHL or hockey
      where we have good reason to say was close if not equal, was the player good
      enough to play and excel in it? That level is the constant as is talent.
      Therefore we do have two standards to work with through the ages. The rules
      DO change but how many HOF bound players will be effected? The instigator
      penalty has had an impact on goons. How many of them are in the HOF? A truly
      HOF type of player can adapt to rule changes as the true superstar is
      expected to do. Rule changes do not have a big impact on true HOF material!

      Now if we are talking about different TYPES of entry you are right! And
      women stand a better chance in that context. But there are still standards
      there. Yes the women have attracted a number of girls to the game. But is
      that number even close to say the founders of Russian hockey? Top junior
      execs? Or even youth founders such as the founders of the Toronto or Boston
      Met Leagues or, for that matter the local Met League here. Add up all of the
      boys how have played even in our Met League organizations over the past 40
      odd years and it is a HIGHER number than female registration in the past
      ten! And we are DWARFED by Toronto or Boston! So tell me why their merit
      rates better than these people who have actually drawn more people into the
      game and had a greater impact? And what of minor pro people like the ECHL
      founders.hockey may have died in a quarter of the continent if not for them
      giving the game a presence in a league that not only draws millions a year
      but also has helped to inspire southern kids to play. And I am starting to
      see some of them dot legitimate rosters.and you will some in the NHL. What
      of Maryland people.they have kept amateur hockey down there going for
      decades! And quite honestly there are a half dozen DC area kids who are
      really legit now.Why do women rate a butt into line ahead of them even if
      they are not going in as players?

      You say that the women have attracted girls but I can say that Bill Hunter
      helped boys as his WCHL helped to make BC a hockey hot bed.southern kids can
      say "if not for Henry Brabham there would be no ECHL and I would never have
      played." We can say the same of every NHL southern franchise.they have
      brought players into the game.And we won't even get into the men who made
      European hockey what it is now.none of them are in so why should the women
      get in first?

      The challenge is there.get numbers and wait in line then they may gain
      merit. But right now they have not been stuck in line as ling as others and
      they have not brought enough people into jump ahead.

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