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51589Re: Vintage North Stars-Scouts

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  • William Underwood
    Sep 9, 2007
      Cleveland had been sold by Mileti and the new owner openly courted the NHL.
      Of course the team had moved to Richfield which I can add my two bits
      about.it IS in the middle of no where, I remember it was a topic when we
      were trying to do the old NAHL/MLHA in the early 90's and had some ex WHA
      types and NHL guys who were there when Cleveland was in the league. To the
      man they thought that things would be better with the new arena in the city
      itself. We had Chuck Catto there who was the man that built the orginal
      Crusader line up, John Ferguson who some people may remember was an ex Baron
      before a Hab, Bob Whidden who had played for the Crusaders and Roy Boe who
      had owned the Isles back then. So we had three guys with a lot of Cleveland
      experience.I also remember talking to folks about it when we held our draft
      in Cleveland and locals said it was a nasty drive all the way out there on
      bad weather winter nights.

      Now you take all of that and add on that the team was starting to miss
      payrolls and attendance was AWFUL.death or at least the NHL was in the air.
      Now two sources say similar things.one says that Cheevers "opted out": of
      his contract and the other says he asked for and got a release. So he was
      not sold nor did he have to go to court.

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