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51566Re: Vintage North Stars-Scouts

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  • epenaltybox
    Sep 5, 2007
      --- In hockhist@yahoogroups.com, Lloyd Davis <ldaviseditor@...> wrote:
      > "Downtown revitalization" is an idea whose time hadn't yet come --
      > and wouldn't come for another dozen years or so.

      Not entirely correct. Detroit (a 3-hour drive) started its downtown
      revitalization planning in 1972, and the RenCen was built in 1977.
      That same year, Tiger Stadium got a facelift (and Detroiters got an
      introduction to ticket tax), and plans were being made to build Joe
      Louis Arena.

      > The fate of the Cavaliers makes an interesting counterpoint to the
      > suggestion that major league hockey didn't go in Cleveland because
      > where the arena was.
      > Like the Crusaders, the Cavs moved to Richfield in 1974-75. In
      > last year at the Arena, the Cavs drew about 4000 a game. That
      > to 8000 in the first season at Richfield, and grew by an equal
      > in year two. In the third season, 1976-77, when the Barons arrived
      > from Oakland, the Cavaliers set a team attendance record of 13,913
      > that stood until 1988-89.
      Interestingly, as bad as the Barons numbers were, they drew about 13K
      for the Canadiens in a November game. Then the team stunk, and the
      fans weren't going to drive to watch those losers.

      Also, the winters of 77 and 78 were particularly brutal (part of the
      reason I live in California now), and who wants to drive 25 miles in
      a blizzard to watch a lousy hockey game. IIRC, the Black Hawks had a
      game that drew something like 1400 that same winter, and they were

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