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  • paul_patskou
    Jul 1, 2007
      Things like:

      "I wasn't even near the puck when a Swedish player comes up and with an
      axelike motion slashes me across the arm. I retaliated this time by
      clipping him in the nose. He was quite an actor. He skated around the
      ice pointing to his bloody nose. Then he stood in front of the TV
      cameras and did the same thing."

      ---In reality, according to the film, Sjoberg was nowhere near Hadfield
      who clashed with a another Swede in the corner. Hadfield came to the
      front of the net and purposely slashed his stick right at Sjoberg's
      face. Nothing to do with getting the puck. And after the incident all
      Sjoberg did was skate to the end of the ice to go to the dressing room.
      He did look over to Hadfield in the penalty box but never made a signal.
      All Hadfield was doing in the penalty box was fixing his care - not
      very concerned at all.


      "He got into a fight with Ulf Sterner, who once played for the Rangers.
      Sterner stuck the blade of his stick into Cashman's mouth and left Cash
      with a slice tongue. Nice guys."

      ---Well, there was no fight for one thing. It was Cashman with his
      stick up going after Sterner along the boards. Sterner put his own
      stick up in defence.


      "Ron Ellis was jumped from behind and kicked in the head. That was
      never mentioned. But on taped replays on TV you could see the Swedes
      spearing and kicking."

      ---If Ellis had such a vile thing done to him, someone covering the
      game for a newspaper or any other player or Canadian official's account
      of this incident would have at least mentioned it. Ellis never even
      mentioned it in his own book when he wrote about the 2 games.

      And 'taped replays'?? What access did Hadfield have to something that
      was televised only in Sweden? I'm assuming he stayed in his hotel room
      to watch a replay, if there was a replay that night. From all accounts,
      the Team Canada players went out on the town that night. And, I'm sure
      that Swedish TV would not be showing any highlights that showed their
      own players spearing and kicking.

      It's that sort of thing. It seemed to me that Hadfield's book was
      simply for damage control of his reputation after the '72 series. It's
      one thing if he left the team to come home. That was his choice. But
      the fact that he was trying to recruit others to go with him could have
      done a lot of damage. Fortunately, only 3 others did and not the up to
      10 or 12 that he claims were going to leave.

      Hadfield actually played ok in the second Canada-Sweden game and scored
      a pretty skillful goal. Because of that, he might have thought that he
      would be playing with Ratelle and Gilbert in Moscow.

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