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50780Re: [hockhist] Lexicon/Sweaters

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  • Lloyd Davis
    Dec 2, 2006
      Another example would be the current GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins,
      Ray Shero. It's either a short form or anglicization (or both) of
      Rejean. Nor was it uncommon to see Rejean Houle referred to as
      Reggie. Marcel Dionne's brother Renald was known as Ron in his junior
      days, albeit in Ontario in the late '60s.

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      On 2-Dec-06, at 9:49 AM, john.serrati@... wrote:

      > A guy named Joseph is never going to called Joe, or Rocket
      > Richard was
      >> never Moe to anyone. Robert does n;t become Bob in French.
      > I suppose we know very different people then. I play on a soccer team
      > that features two Anglos (one being me), an Englishman, and fifteen
      > French
      > Quebecers, some of whom do not speak English. Robert is most
      > certainly
      > called Bob by everyone, and Mathieu is Matt.
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