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  • john.serrati@johnabbott.qc.ca
    Dec 2, 2006
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      > On the other hand French people make up a very small portion of the
      > population of North America, but they cling to things uniquely their
      > own.

      Yes, that is exactly my point. It is far easier to retain linguistic
      traditions when you are an isolated group. Quebecers are not bombarded
      with TV from France, but all Canadians are inundated with American media
      of every kind on an hourly basis. I am not saying that this is a bad
      thing, it is just the way it is. But small groups who have a strong
      cultural identity certainly have the ability to protect their language
      more. My in-laws are are Norwegian, and they do a very good job of
      protecting their language despite receiving Swedish, German, and English
      TV, music, and films by the truckload. But again there are only five
      million of them and no one else in the world speaks Norwegian except for
      Norwegians. Not so with the United States and Canada in terms of English.

      A guy named Joseph is never going to called Joe, or Rocket Richard was
      > never Moe to anyone. Robert does n;t become Bob in French.

      I suppose we know very different people then. I play on a soccer team
      that features two Anglos (one being me), an Englishman, and fifteen French
      Quebecers, some of whom do not speak English. Robert is most certainly
      called Bob by everyone, and Mathieu is Matt. A former student of mine was
      a Jonathan (French pronunciation). The Anglos all called him Jon, but
      among is Francophone friends he is Jo. So much so that I asked them once
      who this Joe guy was, thinking it was short for Joseph. They told me it
      was common for French Jonathans to be called Jo.

      > I don't for a minute doubt that Hat Trick was used in crickett before
      > hockey, but I have read why the Habadasher in question made the
      > promotion, and it had nothing to do with crickett.

      Interesting, I would love to know more.



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