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50771Re: [hockhist] Lexicon/Sweaters

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  • Ian Wilson
    Dec 1, 2006
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      john.serrati@... wrote:

      Even government intervention only goes so far. Look at the Office de la
      langue francaise here in Quebec. For years they have trying to get
      golfers to use French terms on the course, but all Francophones I know who
      are avid golfers still say 'un birdie' rather than 'une oisette'.
      I disagree with that intensely. Despite an English name I am an Acadian, raised in French and I would say French hold onto their heritage tooth and nail. Reffering to a birdie is a golf term, and French people were introduced to golf, there was no reason to change it. On the other hand French people make up a very small portion of the population of North America, but they cling to things uniquely their own. Examples in hockey, as anyone who ever listened to french broadcasts can tell is the use of the familair form of given Christian names in the English Language. There is no such equivalent in French. A guy named Joseph is never going to called Joe, or Rocket Richard was never Moe to anyone. Robert does n;t become Bob in French. The French don't give into pressure to assimilate. When I first heard an English Broadcast of Hockey Night In Canada I wondered if the speedy little winger playing for the Canadiens was any relation to Robert Rousseau, until I
      realized Bobby Rousseau was the same guy. Same thing with any of the Bobby's or Gordie's who played the game. In French it Robery Hull, Gordon Howe.

      By the way, 'hat trick' is a cricket term, no question. It refers to a
      bowler bowling out three consecutive batsmen. Apparently, in the
      nineteenth century sometime, some millinery company sponsored a promotion

      I don't for a minute doubt that Hat Trick was used in crickett before hockey, but I have read why the Habadasher in question made the promotion, and it had nothing to do with crickett.


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