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  • john.serrati@johnabbott.qc.ca
    Dec 1, 2006
      I do agree Ian, I am all for keeping traditions, and at the forefront of
      this is language. However, I see it as a losing battle, the people will
      call a thing what they want to call it. And in terms of people, for every
      one Canadian there are roughly ten Americans, and thus, often sadly, their
      terms win out over ours.

      When I was growing up, we never sat on a couch or sofa, we sat on our
      Chesterfield. This term, exclusive to Canada, seems to be now long gone.
      This, along with sweater and gauntlets, saddens me greatly, but I do not
      see what can be done.

      Even government intervention only goes so far. Look at the Office de la
      langue francaise here in Quebec. For years they have trying to get
      golfers to use French terms on the course, but all Francophones I know who
      are avid golfers still say 'un birdie' rather than 'une oisette'.

      By the way, 'hat trick' is a cricket term, no question. It refers to a
      bowler bowling out three consecutive batsmen. Apparently, in the
      nineteenth century sometime, some millinery company sponsored a promotion
      where anyone who accomplished the feat received a new top hat (it was a
      very aristocratic sport back then after all). I remember reading an
      article on this years ago. All etymoligists consulted said that,
      bizarrely, the term had nothing whatsoever to do with magic.


      Dr John Serrati
      Assistant Prof. of Classics and History
      John Abbott College
      21,275 Lakeshore Road
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