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  • goaliedave
    Mar 1, 2006
      Hi all,

      I did a quick look into the Alexander Cup questions. I dropped in at the HHOF (Kevin Shea) and the National Archives in Ottawa. There isn't much put together on this although next week I'm going to contact the SIHR folks ... someone there must have something.

      At the Archives I got lucky with my first microfilm pick, March 1953 Montreal Gazette .The sports news on page 25 March 2 laid out the status which I can summarize as follows:

      It seems there were a few things happening at once. First of course the NHL Habs were trying to turn the QSHL pro so they could have Beliveau.

      Also, the Quebec branch (QAHA) had been suspended by the CAHA for allowing a suspended player to play, and they had until March 10 to determine whether they would appeal or leave the CAHA.

      Finally and as a direct result of the suspension by CAHA , the QSHL voted 'last night' to start negotiations with the Western (WHL) or American leagues (AHL) , both professional circuits, for a spring playoff series.

      Interestingly, it is also mentioned that this is" ... in the hope of reviving the rivalry of east and west that was demonstrated in they heyday of the Allan and Memorial Cup playdowns."

      "This action by the highly-ranked QSHL brings to an end the Major Series Playoff in which the Quebec league opposes the winners of the Maritime Major Hockey League for the Canadian championship."

      I will continue to research and document (if no one else has don it) the Alexander Cup stuff.

      This info seems to indicate that: (1) the Alexander Cup was the eastern Canadian senior amateur hockey championship (2) The Allan Cup was a lesser regarded, western championship at this point.

      All to say, if the new maritime senior hockey league has reclaimed the Alexander Cup to award this year, it appears they do have the pedigree to back up their right.

      Dave in Whitby

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