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48620Re: [hockhist] Re: Shootout GWG

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  • Michael Poplawski
    Aug 2, 2005
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      Baseball's game-winning RBI statistic was ridiculed despite having a
      better pedigree than hockey's game-winning goal and is no longer an
      official statistic.

      If hockey insists on keeping GWG around, it could at least use the
      baseball definition, i.e. the goal that permanently changes the
      scoreline from a tie to a lead would be a better definition of a
      game-winner than simply the X+1 goal in a game where the opponent
      scored X goals.

      The hockey definition of GWG results in GWG being assigned to goals
      scored when a team is already winning. Many GWG are really insurance
      goals of some kind. If GWG is supposed to measure something, I think
      they should give it a stricter definition, and I think changing a tie
      to a lead, with that lead holding up, would be better.

      As for shootouts, who cares?

      Mike Poplawski
      Victoria, BC
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