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  • goaliedave
    Apr 4, 2005
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      Hey Jim,
      Someone has to stick up for the goalies and be the voice of reason :)

      As you've no doubt noted, there were only glib remarks and no logical
      replies to why goalies are picked on. I understand that it is hard for
      frustrated forwards (and they fill the hockey management ranks) to see just
      how much goalies have improved in the last 15 years. I am just amazed that
      they don't see the simple fact that if all proposed changes applied equally
      to all players, the game would be exactly how we all want it, namely;

      - reduce the size of all equipment. Make them wear 1980s equipment. Take
      away the amour forwards and defensemen wear. This would reduce the stickwork
      and allow more offensive play.
      - call the rule book. I agree with Bill, the goalie should be gair game like
      the rule book says, but then they need to call all the interference as well.
      The goalies only started playing the puck becuase the defence are obstructed
      from getting to it.
      - get rid of all red lines (centre, goal line outside the net, and AHL
      goalie movement areas). This will stop the dump ins which force the goalie
      to play the puck.
      - bring back the banana blade. It'll just allow the goalies to see the puck
      better, since the forwards and defence will all be scurrying to the corners.

      Common sense and all the lacrosse stories recently have stated that bigger
      nets make the game more defensive. In lacrosse, it forced the coaches and
      teams to play more defensive, man on man, and so most goals now are
      wraparounds or scrums. That will make the quality of the hockey worse.

      Having more rivalries would make the goalies more familiar to the skaters,
      so they would be able to analyze their weaknesses more and score more. At
      this point, goalies are the only ones smart enough to keep 'books' on
      players' tendancies. I suppose skaters are too busy with endorsements and
      golf swings to work on this aspect of their career.

      Jim, I agree with your point completely, that kids shouldn't play the rink
      or goals the same size as adults. Why not just make the rink bigger so that
      they get more scoring opportunities? Or are you afraid that goalies have
      improved at such a greater rate than skaters in the last 15 years that you
      think their only hope is to radically change the game? I suppose skaters are
      too busy with endorsements and golf swings to work on their shots in the
      summer. Even the best golfers still hit hundreds of balls every day in

      Dave in Whitby
      President, goalie brotherhood

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      Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005 02:07:46 -0000
      From: "jpdornberger" <jpdornberger@...>
      Subject: Re: Hockey Net Size

      Spoken like a true goalie Dave. Afraid of a bigger goal? My 13 year
      old covers the same goal as an adult. Should try being a soccer 24 X
      8 now that's a goal! <just teasing>

      Jim Dornberger

      --- In hockhist@yahoogroups.com, "goaliedave" <goaliedave@s...> wrote:
      > Trying to increase scoring by increasing the net size is the way of
      > wimps and those who want hockey as 100%entertainment not sport. Why
      not go
      > back to leather pads too while you're at it.
      > Real hockey people would:
      > - have refs enforce the rule book for interference and stick
      infractions to
      > free players up on the ice
      > - have more games against teams in your own division so that games
      > more, players travel less, and the product improves
      > - have forwards work as hard to improve as goalies have. When was
      the last
      > time yousaw and NHL skater attend hockey school in the summer? Many
      > goalies do.
      > Whatever tinkering the hockey gods do, goalies and coaches will
      adapt so why
      > bother? Just call the rules.
      > Dave in Whitby
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