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47793Re: [hockhist] Re: Hockey Net Size

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  • Frank TEX Liebmann
    Apr 1, 2005
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      One thing I haven't heard in all this discussion, indeed, in the standard arguments is ice
      temperature. About a month ago, I took my daughter to a Grizzlies game. They had a post-game
      skate. The ice was soft. It was probably about 60-70F (15-20C) at waist level. When I go
      elsewhere, I'd freeze if I were in a t-shirt. Is slow ice a contributor to the lack of offense?


      --- goaliedave <goaliedave@...> wrote:
      > Trying to increase scoring by increasing the net size is the way of the
      > wimps and those who want hockey as 100%entertainment not sport. Why not go
      > back to leather pads too while you're at it.
      > Real hockey people would:
      > - have refs enforce the rule book for interference and stick infractions to
      > free players up on the ice
      > - have more games against teams in your own division so that games mean
      > more, players travel less, and the product improves
      > - have forwards work as hard to improve as goalies have. When was the last
      > time yousaw and NHL skater attend hockey school in the summer? Many pro
      > goalies do.
      > Whatever tinkering the hockey gods do, goalies and coaches will adapt so why
      > bother? Just call the rules.
      > Dave in Whitby

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