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45108Re: [hockhist] Re: Best CCCP Lines

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  • arthur chidlovski
    May 1, 2004
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      --- mtlhockey@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 4/30/2004 8:27:54 AM Pacific
      > Standard Time,
      > wausport@... writes:
      > > Interestingly enough, Bure-Fedorov-Mogilny NEVER
      > > played for the TEAM USSR on the same line. I am
      > not
      > > sure about them playing together in junior hockey
      > or
      > > on the CSKA roster but I am 99.99 percent positive
      > > that they never played together on the national
      > TEAM
      > > CCCP in it its official games
      > Wasn't that the line in the WJC when they all played
      > together? I have that on
      > video tape and might have to check it again, but I
      > remember them being on the
      > same line in that tourney.
      > Brian

      Yes, you are right. And that's exactly what Bill
      confirmed - Fedorov, Mogilny and Pavel Bure played
      together on the JUNIOR level. I just looked up the
      Soviet roster at the 1989 WJC (wJc, U20!) in USA and,
      indeed, they played together.

      The initial email was referring to the research of the
      Top CCCP Lines that played for the national team USSR
      on the SENIOR international level. Sorry, if it caused
      any confusion.


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