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44672Re: [hockhist] Re: Mystery Hockey Jerseys

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  • slater@alum.rpi.edu
    Apr 1 8:52 PM
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      > The jersey was originally acquired from a person in that general area.
      > However, the jersey appears to be from the 50s or 60s. It might even
      > be Mount Vernon College. Do you know if there is a MV College with
      > that color scheme?

      Let me throw a different perspective on this. Could the initials be V
      M? There are plenty of teams with those initials:

      Vail Mountaineers (no idea what league this is)
      Vancouver Maroons (Vancouver, BC) PCHA 1922-24
      Vancouver Maroons (Vancouver, BC) WCHL 1924-26
      Vancouver Millionaires (Vancouver, BC) PCHA 1920-22
      Ventura Mariners (Ventura, CA) WSHL 2000-01
      Verdun Maple Leafs (Verdun, PQ) QJHL (late 1960's)
      Verdun Maple Leafs (Verdun, PQ) QMJHL 1969-72
      Victoria Maple Leafs (Victoria, BC) WHL

      I bet that Vancouver and Victoria had a lot of senior level teams
      too, teams that I don't have any records of. I bet one could have
      even been called the maroons, and that jersey does look maroon in

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