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  • Dr John Serrati
    Nov 3 1:12 AM
      At 19:37 02/11/2003 +0000, tangotiger wrote:
      >Isn't there some issue with the EU where just about every country has
      >its own rules on copyrights, along with the duration? And in
      >drafting their constitution, all of the countries will adopt a single
      >EU definition of copyright and duration? It's an interesting story
      >from what I remember. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can
      >enlighten the group?

      Other than Italy, the UK, & Germany I am unsure about the EU. There is a
      big campaign going on in Italy at the moment where universities are trying
      to stop students from photocopying entire books for their courses (you
      think North American university texts books are expensive, try Italy, where
      they're on average 4-5 times as expensive. Some basic textbooks clock in
      at $130 USD, & this is for humanities, never mind the sciences which always
      have more expensive books). So in the articles I've read about the issue I
      can say that Italy's copyright is 75 years. It's 75 years in Germany & the
      UK as well. Outside of Europe, I know Australia & New Zealand have signed
      on to the 75 year rule. Thus the vast majority of your English speaking
      markets do have the same rule.


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