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  • Mike Harling
    Nov 2, 2003
      > There are a couple How-not-to examples from recent hockey publishing to
      > consider. Interestingly, I think both involve books published by
      > McGraw-Hill Ryerson.
      >As I recall, Stan Fischler and McGraw-Hill agreed to withdraw the Flakes
      >of Winter when Brian McFarlane noticed that three or four anecdotes from
      >It Happened in Hockey were reproduced, in their entirety and virtually
      >verbatim, in Flakes. Fischler explained that the offending passages were
      >written by a hired third party.
      >Russ Conway (and perhaps Bruce Dowbiggin) complained that much of the
      >material in Eagleson: The Fall of a Hockey Czar (different title in the
      >U.S.) by two Globe and Mail reporters had relied too heavily on material
      >previously published by the claimants. I don't know how this was resolved
      >legally, but I believe the book was also withdrawn.
      >The lesson here is that it is simply wrong to use substantial portions of
      >another's work. While this might imply that it is OK to use small
      >portions, practically speaking most publishers well not publish without
      >the appropriate permissions. Most companies would argue respect for
      >intellectual property rights, but equally important is the nuisance factor
      >of resolving a claim (in this case, I would guess the legal fees would
      >exceed potential damages).
      >So, Craig, I think Lloyd's advice is best: paraphrase, paraphrase,
      >paraphrase. And I would suggest that you earn credibility by crediting
      >your source in the body of the text: in his book, the author says he
      >thought the Argonauts ... and if the author said he thought the coach was
      >"Crazy" to give the ball to Leon, you can argue fair use for single-word
      >or other very short quotations.
      >As frustrating as it is for you, the author, the publisher has the final
      >word, so you have to play by their rules. Having said that, I
      >congratulate you on convincing a publisher to do a book on the CFL -- the
      >best of luck.

      Michael Harling
      Ph: 604-738-7778
      Fx: 309-424-6393
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