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  • Dr John Serrati
    Nov 2, 2003
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      At 12:08 02/11/2003 +0000, Dr John Serrati wrote:
      >At 18:03 31/10/2003 +0000, Richard Krueger wrote:
      > >Tom Stoppard's play _Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead_ uses
      > >characters from Shakespeare's _Hamlet_ to tell an entirely different
      > >story, whereas in _Strange Brew_, Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis retell
      > >_Hamlet_ using SCTV characters. The latter movie infringes far more
      > >on Shakespeare's rights than does the former. If Shakespeare were
      > >alive, he would raise far more of a stink over _Strange Brew_ than
      > >_Rosencrantz and Guildenstern..._

      Actually I see your original point here. Copyright however, has nothing to
      do w/ the life & death of the author. It lasts for 75 years, without
      exception. My first book is in copyright till 2075 regardless of how long
      I live, my next book will be in copyright till 2079. If I were still alive
      then I still do not think that I could renew the copyright (though I could
      be wrong here, but I would assume that examples of people still living 75
      years after a publication are rare).


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