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38319Re: youngest players in NHL

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  • bchaikin1 <bchaikin@bballsports.com>
    Mar 1, 2003
      let the authors know of the errors and future volumes will be better
      for it.

      We (the list) did that, and the resulting TH2 is *much* better than
      TH, which is what the original poster was using. Heck I found a half-
      dozen clear errors in my first bathroom sitting with TH.


      any chance i could get (or purchase) from you a listing of all the
      errors/corrections you and others in this group found in TH 1?
      comparing fischler's encyclopedia with TH 1 i've found over a couple
      hundred differences (and not always knowing which is correct, if
      either is correct), especially in the playoff data for earlier
      players. it seems especially for the early seasons (prior to about
      1930) there were a number of changes made, particularly in games
      played, points scored as either goals or assists (but same total
      points scored), and especially in penalty minutes accrued. i'd rather
      not have to buy TH 2 and "look" for the changes if someone else has
      already done that...

      also the TGF / PGF / TGA / PGA listed in TH 1 used to calculate the
      +/- stat i have not seen anywhere else. was this info taken directly
      from original game sheets or was some other body of work published
      that had these stats? if so is this available anywhere (like on the
      internet someplace), and especially for the past couple of seasons
      since TH 2 came out?..

      bob chaikin
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