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38317Re: youngest players in NHL

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  • Houda
    Mar 1, 2003
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      (Bob wrote)
      going thru total hockey (1998 ed) i noticed the vast majority of
      players who made NHL debuts at age 17 or younger occurred during WWII
      (understandably). but a few other players, based on their birthdates
      listed in total hockey, also made very early debuts....

      ---> Hi Bob,

      Below in this response I have a list over the 10 youngest NHL'ers ever.
      I did an article on rookies for an NHL- magazine over here in Europe
      two years ago, so the list comes from my article.

      Like George said, the birthdates for Williams,Kryskow and Hrechkosy
      were all printing errors in TH. (Williams and Hrechkosy were corrected in TH-2)
      George also correctly points out that there were a bunch of errors in TH,
      which is understandable given the share volume of the book and all the
      stats in it.

      I agree with John, it's easy to criticize and harder to create.
      When I bought TH I saw that there were a lot of stats missing in the book.
      I was one of many people who helped out in the stats department to
      improve the second edition of the book.
      And if you compare TH and TH-2 then I think it's pretty obvious that many
      mistakes were corrected and thousands of new lines of stats were added.
      TH-2 is definitely an improvement over the first edition IMO.
      James Duplacey and Ernie Fitzimmons did a hell'uva job with the stats.

      1st year Age in 1st NHL game

      1. Armand "Bep" Guidolin (Boston) 1942-43 16 y, 11 m, 3 d

      2. Chris "Duke" Speyer (Toronto St.Pats) 1923-24 17 y, 17 d

      3. Joseph Schmidt (Boston) 1943-44 17 y, 1 m, 2 d

      4. Harry "Apple Cheeks" Lumley (Detroit) 1943-44 17 y, 1 m, 8 d

      5. Eric "Doc" Prentice (Toronto) 1943-44 17 y, 2 m, 8 d

      6. Ted "Teeder" Kennedy (Toronto) 1942-43 17 y, 2 m, 23 d

      7. Len Wharton (NY Rangers) 1944-45 17 y, 3 m, 5 d

      8. Don "Bones" Raleigh (NY Rangers) 1943-44 17 y, 4 m, 9 d

      9. Jack Hamilton (Toronto) 1942-43 17 y, 4 m, 29 d

      10. Ross Johnstone (Toronto) 1943-44 17 y, 6 m, 23 d

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