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38315RE: [hockhist] youngest players in NHL

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  • James Milks
    Mar 1, 2003
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      I have no dates for these people, but just want to point out that
      although TH does have errors, it is remarkably accurate considering the
      amount of data it has. And some of the really old stuff (not these guys)
      is very hard to find. I research players from the 20s and 30s, and
      they're vital stats can be VERY hard to find. TH isn't all that bad.


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      I've never been a fan of Total Hockey because of all the mistakes made
      in it.

      In some of my older Hockey Registers put out by Sporting news, the birth
      dates are as follows:

      Tom Williams 2-7-51
      Dave Kryskow 12-25-1951
      Dave Hrechkosy 11-1-1951


      --- "bchaikin1 <bchaikin@...>" <bchaikin@...>
      > going thru total hockey (1998 ed) i noticed the vast majority of
      > players who made NHL debuts at age 17 or younger occurred during WWII
      > (understandably). but a few other players, based on their birthdates
      > listed in total hockey, also made very early debuts....
      > total hockey lists tom c. williams of the 71-72 new york rangers as
      > having a b-day of 2-7-1957, which would mean he would have been all
      > of 14 years old when he made his nhl debut. anyone know if this is
      > true (or if it's a total hockey incorrect b-day date)? if so was this
      > a big deal at the time that a 14 year old was playing in the nhl?...
      > also dave kryskow made his nhl debut for the 72-73 chicago
      > blackhawks. his total hockey b-day is listed as 12-25-1957, which
      > would mean he was 15 years old at the time. anyone know if this is
      > true and again if it was a big deal at the time?...
      > plus dave hrechkosy of the 73-74 california golden seals (b-day lised
      > as 11-01-1957) and chris speyer of the 23-24 toonto st.patricks (b-
      > day listed as 2-6-1907) would have both been 16 years old. true?...
      > thanks for any help...
      > bob chaikin
      > bchaikin@...

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