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38050Re: [hockhist] Canadian Billionaire Confirms Interest in Ottawa Senators

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  • Lloyd Davis
    Feb 1, 2003
      on 2/1/03 10:45 AM, William Underwood at wausport@... wrote:

      > The problem with Golisano was more that he wantes state funds that aren't
      > coming.

      According to a piece in today's Buffalo News, Golisano wanted state tax
      breaks and "county revenue givebacks."

      He and the state are on the same page about at least one issue: no state
      money for Adelphia's or the Sabres' creditors.

      Whereas Hamister wants actual cash money. He wants a $21.4 million loan from
      the state of New York, as well as $10 million for arena improvements,
      "energy price breaks and other assistance."

      Governor Pataki is adamant that Hamister will receive no state money. For
      one thing, the state just doesn't have the money. For another, it would blow
      up in Pataki's face if state money were to find its way into the pockets of
      Adelphia's creditors.

      Oddly enough, the state _would_ consider funding the capital improvements
      that Hamister wants at the HSBC Arena.

      Anyway, here's a link:

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