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38044Re: Canadian Billionaire Confirms Interest in Ottawa Senators

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  • howes_elbow <maleestrus@hotmail.com>
    Feb 1, 2003
      > Granted, the team pretty much can't be plucked out of
      > Ottawa for broad political reasons, so US investors
      > who might want to buy and move them to, say, the
      > Pacific northwest, might shy away. Still, I'm
      > surprised more 'wealthy hockey fans' haven't been
      > lining up their ducks to make a run for this team.
      > Rob Swiniarski
      > Brampton ON
      > francz39@y...

      Its a nice change for sure having a bonified owner in the works for
      ottawa, instead of that snake oil salesman bryden. Someone should
      have told him long ago that you cant be a capitalist without actually
      having capital. Ottawa deserves an owner who doesnt lie to the fans
      constantly or blame them for financial losses that he incurred.

      Realistic planning would have put that franchise on much more stable
      ground. Did Bryden really expect the bubble to float in Kanata?
      Surely if they put the arena in downtown ottawa like the city
      suggested instead of a rush hour away in kanata, they would have a
      much broader market and get more fans. Who really wants to drive an
      hour in traffic to go to a Senators game after work?

      One can only hope the NHL isnt orchestrating this whole mess behind
      the scenes to plead its case to the NHLPA. My pessimistic side
      suggests the NHL will stick with bryden through hell or high water
      and blow off any newcomers. Can anyone explain why the NHL is so
      commited to people like Bryden and Hamister when there potential
      owners with real capital out there?

      The portland relocation angle that is threatened secretly by the NHL
      through the media is ridiculous. Will the canadian media ever expose
      this fraud? The only owner who can bring a team to Portland is Paul
      Allen. He owns the rose garden, and no NHL team could survive
      financially as his tenant.

      Allen has zero interest in the NHL. He doesnt want competition for
      his blazers and doesnt have faith in the economics of the game. And
      beyond politely rejecting the NHL's proposal for an expansion team
      around 1995, he has never made a bid for any NHL team. Not phoenix or
      pittsburgh. The NHL contacted him when the future of those teams was
      in doubt. They are pursuing him, not the other way around. But thats
      not what the media would have you believe. By whats said in the media
      Paul Allen is on the verge of relocating every struggling club in the
      league. By their logic portland should practically have its own
      division in the NHL.
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