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37534RE: [hockhist] Re: Off ice official causes tie

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  • William Underwood
    Dec 2, 2002
      Yes that is correct. There is non provision for it. And the reason that I
      metioned AA was that Bingo was originally an old lower level building.

      As far as protesting a game goes...I suppose you can do it though I've never
      heard of it. And if you could, it would do absolutely nothing excpet maybe
      get a commitee to "study" the issue and report to the Board of Governors...

      All you can really do is to bring the issue up at the meetings and see if a
      majority wants to make a change.

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      From: goalie dave [mailto:goaliedave@...]
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      Subject: [hockhist] Re: Off ice official causes tie

      Thanks guys for the info, I agree that you'd have a debate about whether
      "not being available universally" would limit the use of technology for this
      purpose. Although Binghamton is AAA again, they have an old arena and no
      video screens (although they erected temp ones for some games early on).

      Did I understand correctly that, even if a team had a timeclock-synchronized
      video, there is no rule permitting them to lodge an official protest after
      the game is done? I guess this makes sense, as I don't believe teams are
      allowed to play games under protest - or are they? Has it ever happened in
      pro hockey?

      Thanks again for the input,

      Dave in Whitby
      goaliedave @ hotmail.com

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