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37522RE: [hockhist] Off ice official causes tie

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  • William Underwood
    Dec 1, 2002
      And that is true again, in SOME buildings. I scout between 50-100 ECHL games
      a year and have seen more times than not, NO such system there. I am close
      freinds with one team's video replay coach and even they have NO access to
      tapes DURING a game unless it is televised and this is in a newer facility.
      Hell TV monitors were not even there in the press box until the facility was
      three years old! In another rink, there are not only no such replay
      facilities but even computer score updates are slow.

      You CAN'T have review in one or two buildings where it is possible and none
      in others. It creates a lack of balance.

      Another thing that you have to try to understand is that to have this sort
      of review you can't just have one camera angle or one camera. You'd need one
      that could sunchronise with the clock and several ones to look at goals etc.
      THAT runs into money. In an ECHL building you are lucky if you have two
      camera views, none of which is rigged to the clock as is the case in the
      NHL. Incidentally, the NHL had no such system until the 90's...they added
      several cameras for review purposes.

      It simply is not UNIVERSALLY practical in the ECHL or ANY AA league without
      more additional systems. And incidents like this one are SO rare that it
      would really not justify the effort. Plus if you made an effort for it you'd
      have people clamoring for goal reviews etc. Again, this would entail getting
      more involved. This would mean adding more time and expence to games which
      are two major issues at AA---keeping the price down while maintaining margin
      and doing your best to get people in and out of the building in hours
      appropriate for families.

      Having been involved working in the AA leagues since the first year of the
      ECHL I can tell you any such effort to add replay is unlikely. Not
      impossible but VERY doubtful.

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      << And that is correct...all teams DO tape games. But there is no such
      in the rule book and most AA teams have NO SUCH facilities. The AHL and IHL
      are higher leagues with different budgets, different facilities and more
      synergy with NHL clubs giving them access to more equiptment. At AA you are
      talking NO VCR in the building many nights. Remember, cost is EVERYTHING at
      AA. The less off ice officials the lower the cost and adding a monitor is
      also a cost. Plus you have some antiquated buidlings that lack the space
      wiring for such a set up in the box.

      The bottom line is there is no provision for review because of the cost and
      the real variance in facilities. Plus there is the time factor. You have a
      kid on the camera maybe three floors up taping the game. Now you'd need
      him/her to RUN the camera down to the box to take out the tape and flip it
      into the machine. This si the level of most AA taping proceedures. THEN the
      kid would have to get back to position to resume work after the review.
      Trust me, most AA teams do things pretty bare boned. There are no 4 VCR's
      there at that level! And a monitor, you plain old don't see them at less
      modern facilities.


      I have also seen the same system at ECHL games this year. The last that I
      remember is that this is AA hockey.

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