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32255RE: Ooops - RE: [hockhist] It's Christmas again!

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  • Rob Hoffmann
    Jan 8, 2002
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: James Milks [mailto:jamesm@...]

      > That was not intended for this list...please disregard.

      I would say you are just a trifle too late. :) If that name and
      password survive the night, you'll all be lucky.

      Unless the site LIKES all the extra traffic... :)


      >> -----Original Message-----
      >> From: James Milks [mailto:jamesm@...]

      >> Contrary to what mom and dad taught you, please don't share with

      >> username: xxxxxxxx
      >> password: ********
      >> address:

      [It's the Cold North Wind archive of the Toronto Star,
      in case you were
      wondering... And admit it, you were.]
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