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  • James Karkoski
    Mar 1, 1999
      >From: "Marc Foster" <mdfoster@...>

      >>Another thing you might want to look for is the appearance of Joe
      >>Starke with the Blackhawks. He is goalie that Ralph alerted to us
      >>about before which is in the Trail II book's stats as a skater.
      >>33-34 was one of the seasons it was reported he played.
      >Was that the only season?

      That's the only season that Starke was talked about playing on the list.
      If anyone has any teams pictured from the of the Blackhawks,taking a look
      at them might be helpful.

      Another thing that might be helpful would be know where Starke also
      played this season. I would guess that he had to play somewhere
      else,maybe in another league?

      I would guess that Starke was around in Chicago at the end of the season.
      With Charlie Gardiner sick, the 'Hawks management must have thought
      something was up with him and must have had Starke around just in case.
      Everything I've read seems to indicate that it was obvious that Gardiner
      was ailing to everyone, they just didn't know why. He did die about 3
      months after this season. So, I would guess Starke is in Chicago towards
      the end of the season.

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