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22768Re: [hockhist] Re: Maurice Richard info request

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  • Rockstar
    Apr 1, 2001

      Thanks. Maurice Richard had suffered many ankle and wrist breaks even
      before he joined Montreal. Many questioned the fact that he would be able
      to play in the NHL because of his weak bones.

      I guess he proved a bunch of people wrong.

      Again, thanks for the information.


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      > Opening night of the NHL. Boston 2 at Montreal 3.
      > Here's what Coleman says in Trail...
      > "Canadiens opened at home and defeated Boston 3-2. Tony Demers, who
      > had been out most of the previous season with a broken leg, was the
      > star, getting two goals. The rookie Maurice Richard was a standout
      > with Elmer Lach and Demers. He went at top speed and carried the
      > puck well. Aurel Joliat, appearing in this game as a linesman,
      > received an ovation from the crowd."
      > Regarding Richard propsed trade:
      > "Canadiens defeated Boston 4-2 in Montreal December 27th but lost
      > Charlie Sands and Maurice Richard. Sands would be back later but
      > Richard was through for the season. Richard suffered a clean break
      > of the leg just above the right ankle, when he toppled after a check
      > from Jack Crawford. In previous seasons, while an amateur, Richard
      > had broken his left leg as well as his arm. This seemed to indicate
      > some brittleness in the Canadien star but the career of this great
      > player had hardly started."
      > Reason to not make the trade:
      > "The former great Canadien star Newsy lalonde was very enthusiastic
      > about the play of Maurice Richard. He considered him the most
      > promising rookie he had seen in many years and predicted a great
      > future for him."
      > Morey
      > --- In hockhist@y..., "Rockstar" <rockstar@b...> wrote:
      > > Maurice Richard played his first NHL game on 10/31/42.
      > >
      > > Does anyone know who the opponent was, where the game was played,
      > and how
      > > Richard did?
      > >
      > > Additionally, Richard was almost traded to the Rangers that
      > season. Was
      > > that due to the ankle fracture which put him out for the season?
      > Or was
      > > there just a really sweet deal out there that the Habs almost made?
      > >
      > > Thanks in advance.
      > >
      > > Keith, who wishes he had the Hockey News microfische right about
      > now...
      > > Keith@H...
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